Nov 22, 2016

1. I've spent almost the entire of my 20's loving a wrong person (whom i once truly believed to be the right one, which makes it hurts a lot more).

2. It was real, my torture was real. But when no one even remembered what happened (or they choose to be ignorant, or maybe they are just bloody forgetful), it makes me question my sanity.

3. Have you ever sit beside the wrong person's (read no 1) future second-most-important-person-in-life and heard their wedding plans while attempting to swallow a piece of meat with a fake smile?

4. Dear you, have a great life (or please don't).

Oct 31, 2016

List of things that hurt:
1. You
2. Everything else

Oct 21, 2016

Writing used to be my escape. But now, it feels like i don't have the right to write anymore.

I must have killed you a thousand times in my head, but then i guess i still love you a thousand times more. Some days are wonderful. I smile a lot and i feel like i can finally let you go. But some days are close to hell i just sit alone and hear my heart tears apart.

I should wish you a happy life but sometimes i just want you to suffer as much as i do.

Sep 21, 2016

I still don't get it sometimes where did i do wrong. You thought that you've already done everything right, but then everything turns out to be never ending bullshits.

I should've stand by my decision a long time ago. That was my biggest mistake. I'm just too lost now i can't see myself returning to the old me.

Will i just die like this, sinful and hollow, or will there come a day when everything falls into place again?

Sep 17, 2016

I can never understand how on earth could you say that you like me, and then decided to marry someone else.