Jul 30, 2010

Garam dan ragam.

"Allah menciptakan manusia ini pelbagai ragam dan gaya supaya kita berkenalan dan berfikir."

someone is never the same as you thought what he/she might be. bak kata one of my friend, to know someone, kita kena bermusafir dengan dia. dalam perjalanan tu barulah kita kenal siapa dia sebenarnya. but as for me, to know someone deeper you have to be his/her housemate/roomate. that's why aku pernah cakap kat seseorang, some people can be your friend but never your housemate.

for clarification, this post is not about me.

just hearing stories about other people makes me wonder, how different people are. our perceptions about an issue, no matter how simple or petty it is, are not always in the same track. and in order to keep the harmony, we have to compromise with each other. that's the hardest part. toleration is subjective, and it has a limit.

i've gone through this part long, long time ago. and believe me, you'd rather lose a housemate better than losing a friend. indeed. and now, we're cool. no hard feelings, no grievance, nothing. time heals somehow.

Jul 29, 2010


We all learn to make mistakes 
And run from them
With no direction. 

Misguided Ghosts

Jul 20, 2010


Have you ever feel like an idiot, super idiot for once in your life?
I have, plenty of times.
Mostly because of me myself.
They are when your judgement is influenced by your emotions.
When you turn away from your own words like licking your own spit.
Like when you don't practice what you preach.
Or like when you talk peace and have a gun before you.
Or to put it in simple words, like a hypocrite.
Again and again, and again.

I've fallen hard before.
And i'm trying to reach out again.
I've learnt my lessons and i know my limits.
I admit that it takes mountain of strength to discard what you like.
But it's not impossible.
Experience is priceless.
It makes you who you are today.
And who you will be tomorrow.
I'm lucky i have mine.

Jul 4, 2010

Principle 1.

I don't need to justify every single thing that i do to anyone. 
Cause in the end, nobody understands. 
I'm happier this way. 
Hope you get that.