Feb 25, 2011

Satu hari, aku mahu genggam kelopak-kelopak sakura dengan lembut dan rakam setiap detik dalam tempoh waktu mereka gugur ke bumi Tuhan.

Feb 13, 2011


Karma datang menjenguk. You got what you deserve, babe. What goes around comes around. Think twice before you treat people like shit.


Oh, minggu depan minggu sibuk. Minggu depan lagi satu, minggu desperado. Tiga minggu lepas itu, minggu-minggu tawakal. Kemudian, baru boleh sedut oksigen dengan tenang.


Bila sakit mesti teringat rumah dan Ma. Boleh baring atas katil sepanjang hari. Makan bubur ikan petak yang Ma masak. Bebas daripada tanggungjawab.



Feb 4, 2011

I always have this habit of hating to admit that I'm wrong. I am an egoist. Not all the time, but many times. I held my ego high until it brings me down to the deepest hole.

I like to wear a strong face, so that people cannot see the fragile meat underneath. I shed my tears when there's no one around. I just hate the fact that people see me in my weakest state.

People think I don't care much. I'm not that sweet as people think I would be. I rarely show someone that I care. But when their moods affect mine, that shows that I do, right?

Someone said, sometimes I can be indifferent  to everything around me and do things in my own way without considering what others say.

I'm also stubborn, in some way.

I hardly share my problems. But when I do, I always tell them while smiling big and wide. I just feel the emergence of awkwardness being vulnerable to someone is worse than handling the matter in my own hand.

I call my parents about once in a fortnight, averagely. This makes me a bad daughter. No comment on that.

This is just a list of my flaws. Am trying to do better, but not trying to be perfect.

These are what makes me, becomes me. What about you?

mahu home library macam ini, one day =)

tengah berusaha habiskan baca novel ini

Ok, sebenarnya nauseous tengok buku Forensic lama-lama. 

Though I love watching Criminal Minds, CSI and a whole lot of other police-based TV series, reading the textbook makes me yawning every 5 minutes.

The question of the day,

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?


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