May 25, 2011


Hi again.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Punch me in the face or kick my leg or whatsoever. 'Otak berbelit' is my middle name. I guess writing is my addiction, can't help it. At least this addiction is not as wrong as my other one.

Oh, dah satu purnama rupanya. Rasa macam dah berbulan-bulan tak meroyan di sini.


If you know me, you'll think I'm not much of a talker. If you know me well enough, you'll find me full of sarcasms and craps.

Sometimes, I think silence is enough. But with silence, come along assumptions. And assumptions bring heartache. At some moment when I think the pain is too unbearable, the promise come across my mind again. The pact I made to myself, to keep silent.

If I'm hurt alone, it's okay. But I'm not gonna hurt anyone anymore. If I'm guilty alone, it's okay. But I'm not gonna make someone else feel guilty anymore.

No pain, no gain. I just hope that my pain today brings something wonderful tomorrow. Something worth waiting for. Something worth fighting for.

And when that day comes, I think I'm gonna cry.