Sep 30, 2013

"What about him that you like so much?"

"What's not to like?"

"Err..a lot I guess."

"Well, I like all of him."

"Love is blinding."

"No, love is accepting."

"You're pushing it."

"I love how other people can't see how exceptional he is."

"I hate it when people do that."

"Do what?"

"Telling me to move on and let go."

"Well, shouldn't you?"

"What the heck did you think I've been doing for the past four years?"

"It didn't seem like it."

"It's always like that."


"Easier said than done."

If there's one thing that I could change, I want you to know me in a different way. From the outside inwards. Not like now, from the inside outwards.


I was brushing teeth the other day when suddenly the thought of you came and I nearly choked mint. Can I blame you if I die crying?


No, I'm not okay. Pretending is good. Makes few people wonder, and no one asks.


I'll be fine.

Sep 21, 2013

"I liked a boy once. Maybe still, I don't know."

"How long?"

"Almost six years."

"Did you think he's the one?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"What happened?"

"He chose a happier girl to love. I guess that's easier."

Sep 3, 2013

So, this is how a broken heart feels like. Not that bad. I'll live.

I heard the rumour once not a long time ago. I forgot who told me. I didn't believe it considering I read what you wrote. But I think I just confirmed it with my own eyes. I got a sixth sense, you know. My observational skill is good. Did you somehow mean anything that you wrote? Cause I take words seriously. But I guess none of that matters now.


For real this time.

Sep 1, 2013

To think back about it, my concerns and so-called problems are so petty I feel like such a brat to even mention them to anyone. But why do they take up so much space inside my head?

I hate it when I started to write lots and lots of stupid stuff.

I've been holding on tight to my senses for so long it's tiring. What if I loosen up my grip? Would you forgive me then for intruding your life once again? Just to say a simple hi, my brain works so hard thinking about the consequences and tries to build up the courage but ends up cowering. This is confusing. How should I treat you? As a friend, stranger or someone I once knew? Despite all that titles, I know deep down you means a lot more than that to me. Should I pretend nothing ever happens when in fact my life has been turned upside down for the last few years?

I miss your wise words, that's all. Words that I search for when I need a comfort.

Happy birthday, by the way.

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