Mar 16, 2014

Some people love wisely, some people love foolishly. I am the latter. For years of heartaches can't compare to silence that has been slammed to my face, i have decided to stay out of love.

This should be easier. This should be the answer.

Fools can't love. There will be pain everywhere. I've had enough.

Mar 13, 2014

I am a patient person. Sort of. I can wait for people for hours without cursing out loud and then greet them with a smile. But sometimes i can be so impatient i destroy everything upon me for time seems like such a burden i cannot carry.

Like you.

As much as i want to hold on, i can't because you didn't want to and you kept chasing me away too. It's tiring, to run in a circle without a known end. It's heartbreaking, to fight alone with no clear reason.

Like Hodges said, we had something beautiful and now it turned to dust.

I hereby, give you up.

Mar 4, 2014

Sometimes it's annoyingly helpless how i can never hate you no matter how hard i tried.

I tried hating you for making me go through this, whatever this is, in the first place. I tried hating you for never having the guts to make me stay. I tried hating you for the fact that you never, even once, asked me what i want or how i feel. I tried hating you for making my heart nearly bursted out the moment i knew about you and her. I tried hating you just for the sake of moving on because you asked me to. I tried hating you for turning me into such fragile vulnerable thing which i despise. I tried hating you, your smile, the way you talk and the things you wrote. I tried, i tried, and so i tried. But it never worked out like what i planned. I just hate the fact that i can't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Maybe this tiny space of mine can be the evidence that i can show to your face, if you ever ask me how much do i like you.