Sep 12, 2015

I wish i could just stay mad at you. That would have been easier than this. This. I don't know what this is, but it sure hurts like hell.

If you decided to leave, you should just stay that way. So that i can still be angry for a long time, just long enough to wash all feelings away.

What should i do now? God, what's there left to do?

Sep 1, 2015

Hey there, happy birthday.

I'm postcall and mostly famished. My dreams are still undecided between getting another degree and opening up a book cafe. None has anything to do with an MBBS certificate but both needs a lot of money. So i'm still stuck at being a good-for-nothing doctor. Bills have to be paid and dreams still have nothing but an endless stare.

By the way, i often wonder that if we are given a second chance in the future, will i still like you, or will i become so dry and opaque i don't let any feeling to come through anymore?